Agendus for Windows Mobile 1.05正式版

Palmバイスでの定番PIMアプリ、AgendusのWindows Mobile版(Professinal:$24.95, Standard:$19.95)のVer1.05正式版がリリースされています。

  • Improvements and Functionality Refinements
  • Reduced startup time on launch to show the Agendus interface more promptly
  • Added new dialog appearing when selecting 'Dial' from the tap hold menu when multiple numbers are present
  • Resolved corruption of icon sets when editing icons via the Icon Editor occurring in certain situations
  • Addressed inability to select default icons on categories at Preferences -> Icon Defaults in some instances
  • Improved d-pad focus in toolbar when switching between views: now the focus is maintained on the active view button
  • Addressed Opt + other alpha keys creating unexpected characters on some Qwerty keyboard devices
  • Improved d-pad navigation behavior on Meeting and Task edit dialogs
  • Improved d-pad navigation behavior in the contact lookup dialog on new meetings or tasks
  • Improved d-pad behavior when attempting to exit the Quick Look up box in Task or Contact View
  • Block Views: Corrected stray characters appearing on events when notes were present
  • Removed 'Private' option on contacts, as privacy on contacts is not supported by Pocket Outlook
  • Corrected 'No Address Specified' appearing on Weather Forecast dialog when a location was, in fact, specified
  • Today View: Added 繕pdate・soft button on the forecast dialog to trigger manual weather update
  • Preferences: Added default Weather location on new install

Agendus for WindowsMobileのページはこちらです。

Agendus for Windows Mobile Pocket PC Professional Edition - The ultimate personal information manager for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, links and enhances Meetings, Tasks, Memos, Contacts, Email, and powerful wireless services

Agendus for Windows Mobile Pocket PC Standard Edition - Indispensable Personal Information Manager for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, links together and enhances Contacts, Meetings, Tasks, Memos